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Les Suds à Arles - Suds Music Festival in Arles

Les Suds à Arles: one week of music, concerts, workshops, classes and masterclasses!!


Les Suds 2013 - Arles

Les Suds 2013 - Arles


Each year, at mid-July, the town of Arles is vibrating to the rhythm of the festival “Les Suds à Arles”.
From the morning till the middle of the night, all kinds of music resound in the city… During this festival, artists transmit their passion of the music, the song or the dance to an increasingly public!

Since the first edition of the Festival, training courses are proposed by artists in order to share a mutual passion or a curiosity. In a convivial environment, all these workshops are given by artists recognized in their field, from initiation to master class

How does it work?

  • Concert every night at the Roman Theater
  • Classes, workshops, exhibition in many places in Arles during the week.


Les SUDS à ARLES Information and Programming
Maison des Suds
66 rue du 4 septembre
13200 Arles
Tél. +33 (0)4 90 96 06 27 / Fax +33 (0)4 90 96 79 48
Les Suds à Arles Official website


Old posters:

Les Suds 2012 - Arles

Les Suds 2012 - Arles



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